Everyone is at risk of liquid spills, SpilMax Spill Response products have any spill incident covered.

Spillkit_oilangle.jpg.ashxWorkplace and Vehicle Spill Kits

The SpilMax range of spill kits ensure you can react as rapidly as possible to a spill emergency situation.
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Universal_MiniBoom_single.JPG.ashxAbsorbent products

The SpilMax range of absorbent materials will satisfy all your maintenance and containment needs.
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SpilMax_Remedial_10kgbag.jpg.ashxFloor sweeps

SpilMax offers a broad range of floor sweeps for many different purposes that are made from organic cellulose material to ensure environmental protection. SpilMax floor sweeps encapsulate the oil, rather than simply absorbing it.
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369122RK.JPG.ashxFind an MSDS

If you require any material safety data sheets for our spill response solutions, please contact our office on 1300 880 623.
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