Dewatering bagGeoBags for dewatering are perfect for pumping and filtering sediment laden water. GeoBags provide a simple yet effective method of removing heavy particles from excavation water allowing silt free water to be released from the bag.

They are manufactured in a range of different sizes for smaller applications and can be custom produced for large sediment control operations. We utilise either a non woven geotextile for gravity, or low pressure fed dewatering or a woven geotextile for high pressure dewatering scenarios.

Dewatering bagGeoBags can be used within construction or mining activities for incidental dewatering applications (such as after rain events), dewatering dredged material, or dewatering sludge from waste water treatment.

GeoBag effectiveness and maximum capacity will depend on a number of factors including type of sediment, temperature and the geotextile. Our engineering team will work with you to design GeoBags that meet your site and project requirements.


Product Information
• 1.5mL x 0.5mW
• Capacity: 0.10 cubic metres
Product Information
• 2.5mL x 1.5mW
• Capacity: 1.0 cubic metres
Dewatering bagGeoBag
Product Information
• 6mL x 4mW
• Capacity: 15 cubic metres

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