The SpilMax DrainSAFE is a manual storm water isolation system; providing you with an affordable shut down mechanism to block harmful spilt liquids entering the storm water network, whilst working 24/7 to prevent rubbish and debris from entering the drain.  

Until 30 April 2015, Chatoyer Environmental are offering FREE annual servicing for each unit purchased. This service will be done by a Chatoyer Environmental representative and is normally charged at $390 per unit. We will ensure your DrainSAFE continues to operate at full capacity and keep your site compliant. Each service will involve the removal of captured rubbish and contaminants, replacing the hydrocarbon absorbent and maintaining the isolation valve.

Designed and constructed to be retro fitted into existing drains, the SpilMax DrainSAFE’s manual isolation system allows you to isolate your site quickly. A quarter turn of the handle shuts down the drain pit, stopping harmful spilled liquids entering the storm water network while it’s 24 hour filtration system permanently captures company waste, debris and sediment with confidence. 

The only product of its kind the SpilMax DrainSAFE’s 2 way function makes this product versatile and a must have in all drain pits providing you protection and peace of mind all day everyday. 

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Terms & Conditions:
Free servicing applies to purchases of 3 or more DrainSAFE units and only in capital cities located on Australian East Coast. Please contact us for discounted services in other locations.