Project Description

Woodside Energy undertook a successful deployment of their Lamor Offshore Heavy Duty Boom and Lamor Multi Head skimming system. This equipment was purchased for storage at their King Bay Supply Base which is their central store located near Dampier in Western Australia.

IMG_4769The purpose of the heavy duty containment boom and multi head skimming system is to enable the near shore and outer shore protection of King Bay in the case of an oil spill incident. As market leaders in the manufacture and supply of world class spill response solutions, the Lamor equipment was deemed the most appropriate by Woodside to best protect their supply base.

As part of the Woodside continued focus on preparedness, the exercise was conducted over a full day in Dampier Harbour incorporating the Woodside core response team, a representative from AMOSC, Lamor and Chatoyer Environmental.

Exercise Overview

IMG_4906A J-sweep response was coordinated with the use of a smaller support vessel towing the Lamor Heavy Duty containment boom outward and alongside the anchor handler to create the industry recognised J-sweep response.

Using the onboard crane the Lamor Multi Head Skimming system was deployed into the created J-sweep and run successfully.

This exercise was conducted by the Woodside core response team and again proved the high quality and ease of use for the Lamor oil spill response equipment.

IMG_4877Having representatives from AMOSC, Lamor and Chatoyer Environmental allowed for the Woodside operators to experience a pool of industry expertise while building confidence in their ability to efficiently respond to any incident.


Deploying equipment can be onerous and fraught with frustration. It was very pleasing for all parties to be part of such a smooth and effective deployment exercise.