Project Description

In the aftermath of the Christchurch, NZ earthquake of 2011, the city is undertaking a huge redevelopment and reconstruction of the city. As part of these measures, the rubble and damaged buildings from the earthquake are being used to create reclaimed land within Lyttelton Port.

To contain possible debris and sediment associated with this reclamation, a heavy duty silt curtain was installed to prevent any migration. The area is subject to extreme weather conditions with winds exceeding 40 knots, currents of 8 knots and large ocean swells up to 6m.

Project Overview

Date: July 2014 – Ongoing
Location: Lyttelton Port, Christchurch, New Zealand
Features Summary
Silt Curtain Length:
Silt Curtain Depth:
Silt Curtain Material:

400m (total project will be 800m) manufactured in 50mL sections
Woven Polypropylene Geotextile 80/80kN biaxial weave; 300mmH foam filled external floats

Project Summary

  • A curtain manufactured by another Australian company was installed in 2012 but rapidly failed in the prevailing weather and sea conditions.
  • The curtain manufactured by Chatoyer Environmental has performed very strongly and following an initial 6 month trial, further replacements of the old curtain are being periodically undertaken.
  • This heavy duty, ocean going boom has been very successful in this tough environment and the clients are very pleased with the results.

Silt CurtainSilt CurtainSilt CurtainSilt Curtain