Project Description

Chatoyer Environmental’s custom tapered silt curtains were used to protect a lake during construction along it’s shoreline. Construction involved extending a rockwall and creating a channel for an irrigation intake. Historically low water levels had offered ideal conditions for construction.

The deployment area was no more than 2.5m deep and the water conditions were challenging due to wave chop created from 40 – 60 knot winds. Chatoyer Environmental designed custom tapered silt curtains to accommodate the changing depth from the shoreline out into the lake.


Project Overview

Date: January 2016
Location: Arthur’s Lake, Tasmania, Australia

The custom tapered silt curtains were installed for two purposes. The first was to prevent sediment from entering the water intake while the channel was excavated. The second was to protect the lake from the migration of sediment while the rockwall was extended.

There was a risk if the silt curtain around the intake were to fail. If sediment entered the irrigation intake it would cause extensive damage to the turbines. Proper design and installation was paramount.

Features Summary

Silt Curtain Length:
Silt Curtain Depth:
Silt Curtain Material:

315m overall manufactured in 15mL sections
ranging from 0.5m to 2.0m deep
Nonwoven Polypropylene Geotextile with 90 micron pore size; 100mm x 100mm closed cell foam floats

Project Summary

  • Since the water levels were ideal to start construction the silt curtains were required quickly. We met the client's pressing deadline.
  • Testing during the six week construction period showed 400 NTU within the curtain, 60 NTU immediately after the curtain and <10 NTU out from the curtain perimeter.
  • Our silt curtain design and performance exceeded client expectations.

silt curtain insitu during channel excavation silt curtain insitu during channel excavation Customer Tapered Silt Curtains