Project Description

Davbridge-thumbnailMaroochydore on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast is undertaking a large redevelopment of its CBD. One of our clients was involved in the construction of a new bridge as part of a road upgrade, with Assise Class 2 Silt Curtain utilised to create a settlement area and ensure that suspended solids did not escape the work area.


Project Overview

Date: January, 2015
Location: Maroochydore, QLD, Australia
Features Summary
Silt Curtain Length:
Silt Curtain Depth:
Silt Curtain Material:

2.0m with tapered skirt to best fit application
Class 2 Silt Curtain with Non woven 240gsm geotextile, 610gsm PVC and 100mm floats

Project Summary

  • A standard bridge building project as part of the Maroochydore CBD redevelopment
  • Two runs of 75m Class 2 Silt Curtain were placed on either side of the bridge to ensure a settlement area

Silt Curtain Silt Curtain   Silt Curtain Silt Curtain