Impermeable Silt Curtain for Contaminated Sediment


An impermeable silt curtain required for a large dredging project. Ventia dredged an area to address significant contamination in Kendall Bay, Sydney. An earlier process of gas production had left the site with a legacy of contamination. To remediate the site, contaminated sediments were excavated and transported onshore for treatment. [...]

Debris Boom Traps Rubbish in Tidal Gross Pollutant Trap


A Gross Pollutant Trap (GPT) had been installed in a tidal area neighbouring Cooks River in Sydney. To prevent rubbish from leaving the GPT during high tides, a heavy duty debris boom was installed. A Chatoyer debris boom traps rubbish that floats on water. The debris boom rises with the tide [...]

Heavy Duty Silt Curtain for Rough Conditions


Chatoyer’s silt curtains are well known in the industry. They are high quality, durable, expertly engineered turbidity curtains designed to ride out the toughest conditions. Chatoyer was called upon to replace a competitor’s failed curtain in Brisbane River. Project Overview Date: November 2016 Location: Brisbane River, Queensland, Australia [...]

Protection of Stormwater During Construction


Silt Wardens were installed to provide protection of stormwater pits during construction. Silt migration was identified as an environmental risk while widening a motorway. The Silt Warden was placed in the existing stormwater pits within the median strip to prevent silt from escaping into the stormwater system.

Waste Removal Exercise – Sydney Harbour


To complete a task of unblocking a storm water culvert for NSW Government on the shores of Lavender Bay, Sydney Harbour. Chatoyer Environmental was contracted by Polaris Marine to manufacture suitable environmental protection measures in the case of an oil spill or migration of sediment during the operation. The storm water entry is nearby a [...]

Odour Control Systems with Hanging Curtains


A major Waste Recycling Facility was having difficulties with odour migrating to surround neighbours and environs. Following a site visit by Chatoyer Environmental, a series of hanging curtains were manufactured to provide odour control. Two panels were designed for the front of the facility with a clear PVC window in the centre of each panel for [...]

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