To clean oil from marine surfaces

Oil Skimmer Systems

To clean oil from marine surfaces

Oil Skimmer Systems

Lamor skimmers are available in more than 100 models and are suitable for the cleanup of hydrocarbons (including oils and fuels) and other hazardous materials in any marine environment. The skiimmers are available in small, medium or large depending on the volume of oil clean up required and the water ways they are to be deployed in.

Skimmer Systems - Small

Rock Cleaner

Compared to conventional methods, the LRC offers new possibilities thanks to the Lamor stiff-brush technology combined with its small size, making it possible to recover oil from the water as well as from land, concrete, asphalt, oil booms, etc.

Product Information
  • Length: 1,500mm
  • Width: 400mm
  • Weight: 6.5kg
  • Design Capacity: 5.0 m³/h
  • Hydraulic flow: 1-3L / min

Minimax 12 Brush Skimmer

The MM 12 is a light, portable suction type oil skimmer, designed to recover oil from shorelines, harbors, rivers and lakes. The MM 12 uses the well proven Lamor brush wheel system, which combines high oil recovery capacity with a low free water pick-up rate.

Product Information
  • Length: 840mm
  • Width: 665mm
  • Height: 370mm
  • Weight: 28kg
  • Hydraulic flow: 1-3 L / min

Manta Ray Weir Skimmer

The Manta Ray skimmers are fixed weir suction head oil recovery devices. They work best with vacuum and positive displacement pumping systems, such as diaphragm pumps that have air handling capability.

Product Information
  • Diameter: 1,220mm
  • Weight: 11.8kg
  • Design Capacity: 26 m³/h
  • Suction Port Size: 25.4mm
  • Discharge Port Size: 3"

Weir Skimmers LWS 500 - 800

The light-weight and self-adjusting Weir Skimmers (LWS) provide the operator with precise control of the skimming process and offers a high recovery capacity in all operating conditions.

Product Information
  • Length: 2,200 - 2,540mm
  • Width: 2,300 - 2,530mm
  • Height: 790 - 850mm
  • Diameter weir: 500/800mm
  • Weight: 54 / 73kg

Skimmer Systems - Medium

Minimax 30

A stiff-brush conveyor belt-type oil skimmer designed to recover oil and contaminated debris in fast flowing rivers, oil ponds, harbors or as an advancing side sweep skimmer. Surface water, oil and debris are drawn into the skimmer with a water suction propeller forcing oil to the brush system.

Product Information
  • Length: 2,400mm
  • Width: 1,720mm
  • Height: 1,400mm
  • Weight: 206kg
  • Hydraulic flow: 10-15 l/min

Multimax 50

The conveyor belt consists of three stiff-brush-chains. The brush conveyor can be rotated in both directions. In addition to the patented double-action brush cleaner, this enables several operational modes to comply with stationary or advancing skimming in all oil types from light to extremely heavy viscous oils.

Product Information
  • Length: 1,215mm
  • Width: 1,335mm
  • Height: 1,100mm
  • Weight: 122kg
  • Hydraulic flow: 10-15 l/min

Skimmer Systems - Large

Oil Recovery Bucket

The LRB separates oils, emulsions and oily debris from sea water or soils. Recovered oil contains less than 5% free water. It operates most effectively when stationary skimming deployed from a dredging machine, excavator, or vessel crane.

Product Information
  • Length: 1,800mm
  • Width: 1,500mm
  • Height: 1,200mm
  • Weight: 900kg
  • Hydraulic flow: 80 l/min

Free Floating Offshore Skimmer

A very high capacity free-floating skimmer designed for open ocean oil recovery operations. The main advantage of the LFF 400 is its ability to be remotely operated in offshore deployments.

Product Information
  • Length: 2,280mm
  • Width: 2,280mm
  • Height: 1,955mm
  • Weight: 750kg
  • Hydraulic flow: 40-60 l/min

Bow Collector

The Bow Collector is a stiff brush conveyor belt unit which effectively recovers oil and debris. The LBC operates most effectively at vessel speeds of 1 to 4 knots. Forward motion of the vessel concentrates surface oil and oily debris into the brush conveyor for separation and recovery.

Product Information
  • Length: 3,200 - 4,500mm
  • Width: 460 - 1,300mm
  • Height: 400 - 4,400mm
  • Sweeping width: 3,560 - 4,400mm
  • Hydraulic flow: 10 l/min

Side Collector

The Lamor Side Collector LSC is a vessel side mounted advancing skimming system for tug and work boats as well as large vessels. In addition of the skimmer unit on one or two sides of the work boat, the total LSC system typically consists of an automatic or manual outrigger jib arms and sweeping booms.

Product Information
  • Design capacity: 80 - 120 m³/h
  • Recovery speed: 1 - 4 knots
  • Hydraulic flow: 10 l/min