Protecting our waterways for all generations.

Chatoyer Environmental is a wholly owned Australian company, which commenced operations in 1996. In this time, Chatoyer has evolved and established itself as a manufacturer and importer of pollution control products covering:

Chatoyer Environmental’s manufacturing facility is located in Western Sydney, NSW. It is equipped to design, engineer, fabricate and deliver solutions to best meet our client’s needs in both the domestic and export markets. Our growth has been due to our ability to provide consistent product reliability while delivering the highest standards of customer service.

What can we do for you and your business?

Chatoyer Environmental understand the responsibilities that you hold toward the environment but we are also only too aware of the liabilities for failure to protect our waterways. Every day we assist large and small industrial companies, government organisations and construction and civil contractors with their environmental compliance requirements.

Our product quality, practical designs and customer service is unmatched in the industry as reflected in our long term relationships with clients around Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific Islands and Papua New Guinea. The successful delivery of our products and equipment is testament to our knowledge and practical understanding of the elements critical to the prevention and containment of waterway pollution.

Australian Made. High Quality Products. Engineered Solutions.

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